Quarantine looks- Styling my fave black jumper

It's been a fair minute since I posted and since we've been in quarantine so I hope I'm not the only one who's completely fed up of living in joggers and your boyfriends jumpers. Don't get me wrong, I love my pjs as much as the next person but when you've been wearing nothing but them for a whole year, it starts to get a bit repetitive. Not to mention that fact that my online retail therapy finds are definitely not going to good use.

I've had a few *socially distanced* photoshoot days with my boyf recently to try and make the most of the cold spring air and cute clothes I wish I could wear somewhere that wasn't the field near his house.

The first photoshoot we had was way last summer- my hair was a different colour and my outfit a mess so we won't include those in this post.

Let's start things off with this funki fave. When I ordered this coat from Depop, I wasted no time in making sure I got some gorg pics to capture it's beauty. Originally from ASOS, this blue and white checked coat is the perfect little compliment to any dull outfit and is so cosy too.

Even throughout this quarantine, you can tell I'm still a skirt gal through and through as I paired this outfit with a blue check skirt also (which you can't see in this picture, scroll down)

But the gem (oh the GEM) of this whole look is the boots. My DREAM boots. I've been writing on this blog for 4 years or so now and I can guarantee that I made a draft at some point about how much I pined over the Doc Marten Velvet Molly boots.

They were a limited edition shoe from a few years ago and although the Molly style was brought back, the velvet material was never seen again and these shoes became scarce. I'd pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'd never own them when I found a pair for sale in brand new condition on Depop (score!) I obviously bought them, and as the 1975 said, I couldn't be more in love.

I'm trying to do my fair bit of shopping sustainably so it won't come as a shock that the jumper I'm wearing is vintage from Beyond Retro and the skirt is from the urban renewal section of urban outfitters.

It's incredibly easy to find a plain black oversized jumper and a tartan check skirt though if you were interested.

In terms of the accessories, they''re from https://www.cuteryko.com/ and I think they're strawBERRY nice.

I should have probably mentioned that I was utterly obsessed with the jumper I am wearing above as I will wear it at any given opportunity, given that it's so cosy and goes with everything.

My grid tennis skirt is an oldie from yesstyle and the shirt is from Riverisland.

The masterpiece of it all though is defo the heart print glittery tights - yum. Those were from ASOS and make all of my outfits super-cute.

You'll be pleased to know there isn't a platform in sight with this outfit though as I put my trusty converse on with it and called it a day.

Going off from that, you can defo see the bad and frizzy quality of my hair which is down to a certain famous brands shampoo and conditioner (spoiler alert, NOT worth the money and coming in my next post)

Last but not least, we are going all the way back to October for my personal fave, my birthday fit (I mean the birthday glow just radiates through the pics)

I got these absolutely stunning jeans from Topshop for my birthday and wowowowow. sadly they're a bit tight on me now but that just gives me an excuse to buy them again in a bigger size (lowkey need a new pair, I ripped mine beyond repair lmao)

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to decide which shoes went best with this outfit, but I finally decided on my Underground Creepers- an old fave you can never go wrong with in my opinion. My handbag was from ASOS a few years ago and the Hello Kitty bag (although not part of the look) was from The Japan Centre.


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