I Bleached My Hair...

Hiii. I don't think I've ever started off a blog post by saying hi but I guess, unlike with bleaching my hair, we're trying something new today. Okay so as the title suggests, I once again have had no self control and have given into the quarantine boredom by bleaching my extremely damaged brown box dyed hair.

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll remember a post from a few years ago about my hair journey and I'm sort of embarrassed to say that my hair journey defs didn't stop after that post. In fact that post was only a quarter of the stuff I've done to my hair.

If you're wondering how I still have hair on my head, this is down to the products I use to maintain my hairs condition.

1- Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

I can't keep up with the amount of times I've mentioned this product - I've used it as my conditioner since the first time I bleached my hair 3 years ago. Obviously, I leave this on for the recommended time occasionally as well as a hair mask, but for the most part, I just use this as my regular conditioner

2- Bleach London Hair Elixer

Another product I've spoken about religiously, this saved my hair when it literally felt drier than the Sahara desert so I'm literally not surprised that this gets sold out everywhere so quickly.

Okay so onto the actual bleaching

If you remember, in October, I went to a salon and got my hair balyaged, a process in which I did twice over the space of a couple of months to give my hair a breather. I'm a very impulsive person though so this slow process pained me and left me bored. I decided to bleach my hair to platinum blonde all over but by myself ( with the slight help of my friend Stewart)

Every time I've bleached my hair, I've used the Bleach London bleaching kit (I swear this post isn't sponsored by them, I WISH) but this time I went to Sally's a bought actual Bleach powder and peroxide because although the volume of peroxide is the same in the kit, I never end up having enough and I knew I'd need to bleach my hair twice to get to my desired colour. I'd just like to point out that I bought this bleach back in January when I first did it, not during quarantine)

So I used the rest of the bleach that I bought last time, using a mixture of both 30 and 20 volume to get the box dye out. I've watched enough Brad Mondo Videos (aka all of them) to know that you start at the mid lengths and ends and have to section your hair properly or the results can be dire.

I'd say my main fault when it comes to bleaching is not leaving it in for long enough. I get impatient and having hair on my head is something that's really important to me so I worry too much about the condition I'm keeping my hair in to leave it on for the full amount of time. I left it on for about 15 minutes before applying to my roots, then I left it a further 15- 20 minutes. Going from basically black hair to really light blonde is a process though so I knew I'd end up having to bleach it again; I just didn't want to over process my hair. For this reason, i only bleached my hair once and am waiting a few weeks before I fix my hair with a combination of 10-20 volume bleach on the really dark patches and a 10 volume bleach bath to get rid of any of the remaining pink dye. I'll then tone my hair so it will hopefully be even.

The outcome

My results were still patchy and the toner didn't work so I dyed my hair this watermelon red colour, which although unintentional, is something I really love. I used (surprise surprise) another Bleach London product - their super cool colour in 'the big pink' I left it on for about 3 minutes because I didn't want it to be bright lol.

All I can say is if the hair gods have got to you this quarantine and you're thinking about bleaching your own hair or colouring it yourself, please please please do your research or watch a few Brad Mondo videos - if you fuck it up, there's a chance you might not be able to get it fixed for a long time (although no ones probably gonna see it lol)


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