Stuff To Do In quarantine

So we're all stuck inside.. As someone who doesn't go out much, I'm not too fussed that we're not able to leave the house to do fun things at the mo, but with my whole family constantly around me it can get boring to sit around doing nothing while everyone else seems to be having a ball.

Have a clear out

We're coming into spring now, and even though we're not able to go to the dump or to donate stuff to charity shops currently, it doesn't mean you can't clear out your loft, your room or even your bedside table ( I know mine gets far too messy) It might even be fun to do that DIY project you've been putting off or rearrange the furniture in your house.

Watch Netflix, etc

Okay so this is the most obvious one, and the thing I spend most of my time doing admittedly. Especially now that Disney Plus has come to the UK so now really is the time to binge everything on your saved list if you're feeling lazy. If you want to watch something funny, I'd suggest Friends or Brooklyn 99. I'm defs more of a series girl than someone who watched movies so some of my others faves are Jane the Virgin and Good Girls - happy watching!

Read a Book

I'll be honest when I say I can't remember the last time I read a book. Reading isn't really that fun for me anymore but if there's a book you've been wanting to read for a while but never got the time, well there's no time like the present.

Go on a walk

We're allowed to exercise once a day currently (I say bc of the selfish pricks not listening to lockdown) so I'd recommend to get some air if you can. They say to practice what you preach but if I'm being honest, I haven't left my house in longer than I'd like to admit. USE YOUR EXERCISE TIME

Be Creative

Not everyone is creative if you think of it as a whole but when you break it down into ideas such as scrapbooking, writing a journal, drawing and colouring, there's bound to be something you can do to get your creative juices flowing (ew did I really just say that)

Play some games

Having an Xbox or some other type of gaming console during this time is fab but even if you don't, there are loads of games to play for free online, and even some that will throw you right back to your childhood (just in case you didn't know, Club Penguin has been resurrected from the dead and is now FREE - plus you can swear on certain servers so I've been living my best penguin life on there really)

Make a terrible life decision

Go on, dye your hair a funky colour or start a new hobby - no one's going to see you so you may as well choose this time to do things you wouldn't usually or to try out a new hair cut (rip to all the hair that boys have shaved off the past few weeks, you'll be missed)

Bake Some Yummy Treats

One of my favourite things to do is bake, because essentially it's art that you get to EAT so what's not to love? There's tons of recipes to follow online and no one can complain about having a few extra yummy treats around the house

This is my cute little list of things to do but it won't be long before I get bored of these.. if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please comment below!


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