Autumn/ Winter LookBook 2019

I'm writing this post with my Christmas playlist on and a warm cup of tea which can only mean one thing - the cold weather is fast approaching us again and it's time for another Winter Look book. I know I skipped a year but I'm back and ready for some cute ass outfit inspo to be thrown your way.

Outfit 1

I was debating whether or not I should actually include this first look in the mix due to the fact that I almost died of hyperthermia (slightly dramatic but ok) trying to take these pics in this below freezing December we've been having in England, but nevertheless this French inspired fit managed to sneak it's way into my lookbook at long last. I mean I have worn this outfit (along with some variations of it) a fair few times even over Autumn so I though it was only fair to blog about.

Jumper: H & M (similar)

Dress: Monki

Tights: Primark (so I can't link Primark cos of their shoddy online site but I've found some similar on ASOS, enjoyy)

Shoes: Doc Martens

Bag: Stradivarius (I got this originally off ASOS but it's out of stock. Luckily, if you're into your snake print too, I've found a similar one for you)

Scarf: Burberry (I need to stop doing this but again, the link to this exact scarf isn't available - my sister worked for Burberry for a short while and got me this scarf from one of their lovely sample sales. Feel free to look through their lux scarf selection though, it's dreaamy)

Hat: Primark (obv found a similar and v cheap one on ASOS)

Outfit 2

So I have a confession to make for this pic.. the outfit featured in this is heavily recycled from last Winter. I have spiced things up in the accessories department though so don't you worry your pretty little mind. I suppose I've never blogged about this look and the saying in the blogging community goes 'you haven't worn it until you've blogged about it' ... I swear that was it?

Anyway, I clearly adore wearing monochrome with a pop of pink when the winter comes around - which I'd say is purely because all of my warm coats are pink rather than the fact that I have any sense of style - black and white tends to go best with pink; what can I say.

Top: Lazy Oaf ( a brand who love a good old limited edition collection because don't we all. Have linked a similar tee)

Coat: Topshop (so Topshop have decided to do me dirty by not having this coat in stock anymore. They do have it in this gorgeous red colour though)

Bag: stradivarius (again lol)

Tights: primark

Skirt: Zara (okay I'm sorry to be annoying again but I canni find this skirt on Zara's site, which isn't suprising but i found a similar H and M one)

Shoes: Doc Martens

Belt: ASOS (okay so funny story, this is also out of stock, ha.. ha. I've found a similar and possibly even cuter one from Skinny Dip though)

Outfit 3

I fear it's becoming a recurring theme that I'm really into Doc Martens in the colder months - it's a necessary commitment though, considering I own 4 pairs of them and I usually live in trainers. I guess for you it means doc martens look book coming soon though I may have to re use some of the same outfits

As you can see, I do like to use the same accessories sometimes when I dress... aka the belt and tights look we have going on (I hope you can't tell that I'm also wearing my beloved stradivarius bag)

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Doc Martens

top: So another quick confession here as I actually stole this black top from my mum but they literally sell these everywhere so I got you.

Okay so there we go - that was my lil mini lookbook made up of a few of my fave outfits I've been wearing this winter time. I do mix it up a bit sometimes. I'm aware that my style is a little on the girly side of things as I'm a massive skirt gal but I do wear trousers quite often when it gets colder so I'm definitely keen to do another of these posts if it's something you'd want to see.


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