Hair Care Products You Need To Try.

Hair Care 101 With Mia

I've made no secret of the fact that my hair has been dyed, stripped and bleached more times than I can even count, and if you know me in real life, you're probably wondering how on earth my hair is still soft and conditioned after all of the chemicals. I'd say it's a mixture of the products I use and how well I take care of my hair. (click on the images for a link to the sites!)

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

I don't think I can actually put into words how much this product has saved my hair - my only wish is that the new 500ml version wasn't always sold out because the amount of tubes I've owned of this is borderline ridiculous. Everything this product claims to do, I've found to be nothing short of a lie. It's genuinely amazing, and I can't hype this enough. I own about 3 tubes of this at any given time - there's always an offer on at Boots and I go through it like water, so how could I not?

Bleach London Hair Elixer

All that talk about the reincarnation mask is well and good, but when I bleached my hair twice in the space of 24 hours and dyed it a ridiculous amount of times a month ago, even leaving the mask in my hair with a warm towel around it for 3 hours didn't resurrect all of my lasting damage. My ends felt brittle and weak, until I remembered I had this. Every time I washed my hair, I put this oil on the ends of it and it made them look new again with just one application. If you have frizzy hair or dead ends, this is a MUST HAVE.

OGX Nourishing + Anti- Breakage Serum

Keeping on the theme of hair oils, this is a newer one that I've been testing out recently - I literally can't help myself when buying new hair products and it's a problem. I'm glad it made me discover this, though, as I have been enjoying it. Plus, the smell is to die for if you're a coconut scent lover. It does make my hair a little more greasy feeling than the Bleach London one, but I find this is avoided if you apply less and use it when your hair is wet only.

Other things that help my hair

It's not only fancy products that I've found have helped my hair - there's a lot of maintenance to be done if your locks are as damaged as mine.


Firstly, I do need to top up my hair dye on a monthly basis, as the dye fades out over time and my roots grow at an alarming rate. This tip might only be helpful if your hair takes to dye really quickly like mine does, though. When I dye my hair, I never leave it on for the full processing time as my hair turns out the same as if I left it on a bit longer, and obviously the longer you leave chemicals on your hair for, the more damage they're going to do.

Heat Usage

Next (and this might be an obvious one) but I don't use as much heat on my hair. I do tend to straighten my hair if it's very messy, though, because frizzy hair girls - I know your struggle, but cut backs have definitely helped me along the way. Even blow drying your hair is doing more damage than you think. Sometimes this can't be avoided, so if you do use heat on your hair, heat protectant sprays are a must have. The one I've always used is the Tresemme heat protection spray. I steal this from my mum though, as she owns about 3 or 4 bottles at any given time.

Be Gentle

This might be another extremely obvious tip, but can actually be a lifesaver over time, and that's being gentle. When in a rush it becomes so easy to just yank a hairbrush through your hair or shove it up in a messy bun, but if you think about it, the affect this has on your hair in the long run can't be a good one. My advise? That you take time to gently brush your hair with a brush specifically designed for your hair type. I'm guilty of the fact that I went for most of my teenage years only ever touching a hairbrush when I really had to (aka when I was combing through my conditioner) which was down to the messy mop of frizz that my hair became if a brush went within a 2 centimetre radius of my hair. Luckily, I've since discovered the art of the Tangle Teezer - a life saver on all accounts. Although my hair is still on the frizzy side (which I can only blame the bleach for now) I do still find that I brush my hair a lot more now, especially having a more gentle brush, as before I'd just use a random £1 Primark brush which really can't have done my hair any good.

In terms of wearing your hair up - Even I'm not fully convinced on the best way to go about this - It simply can't be avoided sometimes. I'd just recommend taking lots of care and steering clear of Dry Shampoo. It's sort of ridiculous how much hair I shed when either brushing it or trying to put it up. Loose buns are my saving grace when it comes to putting my hair up.

Shampoo And Conditioner

If you think about it - Yes. The shampoo and conditioner we put on our hair are the 2 products that everyone commonly uses, so it's important that you choose one that's right for you, and your hair. I've always been someone to just shampoo and condition my hair as normal and not really think too much about the consequences, which is all well and good, if your hair isn't as parched as mine. Recently, I've changed up my hair care routine when it comes to washing it. If you're also thinking about doing this, a good thing to look for is shampoos that don't have silicones in them. Silicones are chemicals added into drugstore haircare products to make your hair ultimately look shiner - and they work - the downside? Overtime the chemicals just really aren't good for your hair and dry it out a lot. Admittedly, I do still use products with silicones in on the occasion (for example my new shampoo; the John Frieda Damage Repair one) but it's also great to avoid them where possible. It can be expensive trying to avoid silicones, but for the damage they can cause, I find it worth it.

Hair Cuts

Lastly, hair cuts are your best friend - even if you're trying to grow your hair out. While I know that hair grows from the top of your head, so they split ends won't really stop your hair from growing if you think about it, getting the ends trimmed off your hair every so often is so refreshing. It makes your hair feel thicker and healthier and really does just get rid of the dead ends. From there your hair is free to grow out as much as it wants!

If your hair is anywhere near as damaged as mine, I hope you've found this helpful - I'm always looking for more haircare products, though, so if you have any more recommendations, please do let me know!


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