My First Tattoo

So after months of anticipation and longing; I finally got around to getting my first tattoo last month, and after almost a month of healing I thought - Hey, why not blog about it?

As you may know, I have a bit of a Pinterest addiction (not my finest point) but it can definitely come in handy when trying to design a tattoo. For some context, my favourite animals are rabbits (and foxes) so I thought it was a cute first tat. I found a lot of images I like, but I wasn't fully happy with any of them - It felt weird that I was going to have a strangers art tattooed on my leg forever. In the end, I asked my sister (who's like, amazing at art) if she could draw me a little bunny, and this is what she came up with.

If I'm honest, I really didn't know what to expect when I went in (which is kind of obvious, considering this is my first tattoo) In terms of pain, it was actually okay. I got it done on my leg, as you can tell, but as the bottom part of the rabbit was low, that was borderline ankle territory at this point and that part definitely hurt more.

If I compare it to a piercing (outer conch bc that hurts like a bitch) the tattoo is actually less painful - It was 10 minutes of being 'scratched' by a needle, and it only ached a little for an hour after, whereas I've had one of my outer conch piercings done 3 times, and it still hasn't healed and is a nightmare to sleep on.

On the right is a pic that I took just after it was done - with the plastic film thing on it. I was instructed to keep mine on for 2-3 days. Although it was a pain to get off, It's obviously vital to keep your new tat covered for a bit.

Regarding the healing process, it went all gross and scabby for a bit, but has now fully healed which I'm v happy about. I've been creaming it once or twice a day with tattoo cream that I bought from the tattoo parlour, which has worked wonders apparently.

For more tattoo posts, I might share some of my Pinterest tattoo ideas and boards to gather inspiration for my next tattoo (also I'm only wanting tiny line work tattoos at the moment so chill) I have decided I want a few finger tattoos, though. You can also follow my Pinterest if you want! It's @miabrass


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