Where To Buy Vintage Fashion (part 2)

For this weeks post, I thought I would take things back to the start and continue on my list of places to buy vintage clothes.

1. Asos Market place

Although I spoke about the reclaimed vintage section that Asos has to offer, I didn't mention that they actually offer a place for individual boutiques to sell clothes- which became a popular hangout for vintage clothing to be passed around on. The only downside of this is that when ordering from separate places, you will be charged for shipping individually, but it seems totally worth it when you consider that it's very difficult to get ahold of authentic vintage items unless you live in central london.

2. Camden

On the topic of London, if you do happen to live in and around the area, or would be willing to travel there- an amazing place to check out is Camden. Although notorious for it's markets and lock, it is also packed with amazing vintage stalls and stores which have an endless supply of anything you could ever imagine from all different eras.

3. Thrift Stores

As someone who lives in the UK, I've unfortunately only ever come across one thrift store in my entire life. Here, we mostly have charity shops (which are practically the same thing) but it is rare to find decent things in them all the time. Since quite a few people from America read this blog, I thought I'd mention a place that you can find vintage items over there too .

4.Beyond Retro

With stores all around the Uk and Sweden, Beyond Retro is a very well known brand for their stock of vintage clothing around the countries. The website they run is also very well organized : brands and labels included, meaning a pleasant shopping experience both in store and online.

5. Colletif

I do realise that not everyone who likes vintage fashion is into 80's/ 90's themed pieces like I am, and that isn't the case for you, Collectif may be your new best friend. With many vintage items inspired by the 60's, it is a popular store with many locations in London.


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