Kawaii Lookbook

For this weeks post, I decided to do something very different (as you can tell). It took me a while, but I finally managed to finish editing my first video. The reason I uploaded it to youtube is because wix won't let me upload video, it comes up with an error message saying the file is too big. I hope you enjoy.

I'll be honest and say i'm not 100% happy with the outcome, but I can only improve as time goes on and it's not bad for a first attempt (at least I hope it isn't)

Outfit no. 1-

The pale blue 'milk' t-shirt I wore for the first outfit was from an online Hong Kong based website called yesstyle

The grid printed white skirt is also from yesstyle

my white tights are from primark and the pom pom headband is from forever 21

the jumper that I put on during this clip is also from the same website, but I can't find a link to it, so i'm not sure if it's available anymore. If I ever do find it, check back here :)

Outfit no. 2-

Crushed velvet babydoll dress was from American Apparel, but I bought it off depop

Denim jacket was from a vintage stall in Falmouth, Cornwall. I stitched the patches on myself- if you're interested in where a particular one is from, leave me a comment on this post or on the youtube video x

The tall platform shoes were from Dreamy Bows (I purchased them at Hyper Japan last summer) but they are no longer listed on the website. I've linked something very similar that they sell now

my earrings are from a jewelry boutique called Lovisa.

Outfit no. 3-

White cherry tee was from Brandy Melville about 2 years ago so they don't sell it anymore unfortunatley

the scalloped edge pink skirt was from asos not =too long ago, however, they only had it left in one size (which happened to be mine) when I purchased it. I've still included the link to it, as they have it in many other colours too.

The shoes were from New Look and actually used to be my sisters haha

Outfit no. 4-

I wore the same cherry tee from Brandy Melville

paired with a crushed velvet skater skirt from Topshop, which is also not sold anymore, oops

The puffer jacket that I put on is from Primark, as with the beret


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