Top 5 Kawaii/ Indie Boutiques

Sometimes I find I am faced with the question of 'Where do you buy your clothes from' and I'm always quick to say places like H&M, Topshop and Primark, because, it's true; I do shop in those stores a lot, but my style is a lot more varied than just these highstreet shops, meaning that I tend to find myself drifting into the world of online shopping more often than I (and my bank balance) would like. I am going to be talking about some of my favourite online boutiques and websites that I recommend you check out if you also have a bit of a varied taste when it comes to your style.

1- Dreamy Bows

The Dreamy bows site, is exactly as you would expect from the name: Dreamy. It sells such a unique array of Harajuku clothing and accessories, all while being UK based. Although it probably isn't great if you're on a budget.

2- Dolls Kill

While this store is more catered towards people of a gothic and punk fashion taste, they also house quite the number of cute bags and accessories that may appeal to someone who prefers to dress in a slightly more subtle way.

3- Lazy Oaf

Stocked with plenty of colourful and effortlessly cool clothing, it's no wonder that every new line of Lazy Oaf's sells out so fast. Keep your eyes peeled for their collaborations, because they tend to be popular.

4- The Ragged Priest

If you're all about retro clothing, you won't regret clicking on the link to check them out. Famous for their 90's inspired pieces, this place is great for you to shop if you prefer items inspired from that era, rather than pre- owned

5- Unif

Particularly famous for their rainbow sweaters and t- shirts, Unif is a well known store, lined with really unique and individual items. They have a vast range of clothing items, that, while expensive, are almost impossible to find anywhere else.


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