My Hair Dying Experience

I never thought I would be someone who dyes their hair a lot. Never having done anything of the sort to it before, I didn't think I would ever change up my colour or style a lot out of fear of not liking it. I had wanted to dye my hair lilac for almost a year before I actually decided to try it in June this year. On the right (or below) are a few pictures of my hair before I'd done anything to it. I did use a natural lightening treatment on the ends of it a few times, which made my hair have a natural ombre effect to it, but it wasn't very noticeable.

I had just completed my GCSE's and decided to buy myself some bleach to get my hair to a suitable shade for dying the pastel shades I had craved for so long. I also purchased a wash out lilac dye to test for after I had done it. In case you are wondering, I used the bleach London total bleach and ended up needing two packets of it on my super long and thick hair. I bought their white toner as well, which is something I never ended up using and still have in my cupboard now (lol)

My mum was super against me doing this to my hair but let me anyway as she knew how much I'd been wanting to do it. I would like to point out that I didn't do a skin test because after reading the box thoroughly at least SEVEN times, it didn't say anywhere on it that I had to see if I was allergic. ( When it came to bleaching my roots, I realised I'd probably made a mistake with this, but I'll get to that later) I mixed up the bleach solution and before I could get knocked out by the nuclear fumes it seemed to produce, I started to put it on my hair. I realised quickly that I would probably need an extra pair of hands and ended up calling my mum to help me apply it so I didn't mess it up. Although I'd never done anything like this before, I was shocked at how quickly my hair had taken to the bleach (in a matter of SECONDS) and my mum was in the same boat. I only used one packet of bleach on this day as I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the fact that I'd actually just bleached my hair (pathetic I know haha). This picture is of a few days after I'd properly bleached the whole thing.

Anyway, I washed out the bleach and followed up with the sachet of bleach London reincarnation mask that it had come with (which is a miracle worker, I must say) The only blonde parts of my hair was the underneath layers as thats what my mum had payed the most attention to. As it was quite a while ago, I can't remember if we then bleached the rest of my hair the next day or if we waited a few days, but it still happened so I guess it doesn't matter. By the time it had been transformed into completely blonde, I noticed that it hadn't really gone brassy so I never bothered with the white toner, and instead used the sachet of hair mask that it came with. I was really happy with how I looked blonde, but obviously this wasn't my end goal.

A couple of days before prom, I used the Bleach London super cool colour in lilac skies. I was really excited to finally have the hair I had been dreaming about for so long. I followed the instructions for the dye in full, even leaving it on for an extra few minutes to develop, but when I washed out the colour, I truly had washed out the colour, as it didn't take to my hair at all except for the very roots which were turned a grey hued lilc colour, the product ended up working more like a toner on my hair. I realised that if I was ever going to have pastel hair, I would need to bleach it all over again to get it to a platinum blonde shade. (my hair is naturally dark brown, as pictured above, so bleaching it turned it a mid- blonde shade)

I, however, experimented with lots of different pastel pink dyes over the next few months (which also didn't take to my hair, surprise, surprise!) until it came to the day almost at the end of summer when my roots needed touching up. My hair grows extremely fast so I was happy that I'd been able to put it off for this long. I purchased the same one I had previously used and got to bleaching my brown roots within the next few days. I managed to cover all of them without missing anything by myself this time (which is fortunate because I'm pretty sure I was home alone at the time)

During the developing time, I began to wonder why my scalp was itching so much ( was it meant to happen, it did this last time too????) Although It itched last time I bleached my hair, this time it was unbearable so I actually only left the bleach on for 5 minutes (I think you're supposed to leave it for up to 40 lol) as my hair had taken to the colour already so there was no point in leaving it on to develop, and annoy me, for that long. I didn't think anything of the itching until I got to reading the bottle of developing lotion. It was on this bottle that it mentioned an allergy test should have been done before use. (I know most people probs ignore those anyway but my mum was super against me dying my hair, and she wanted to know I wasn't allergic first, so I figured I'd do it. I mean, I didn't want my hair to fall out, either.) I still don't know if this reaction to bleach is normal, I'm just thanking my lucky stars that my hair didn't fall out.

I was bored of my hair colour once more, and decided to buy some purple dye, so I could try being lilac once more. I used the live colour in 'punk purple' and mixed it with lots of conditioner to become a beautiful lavender shade. Of course, because my hair was such a dark blonde still, it didn't take and I ended up dying the ends of it (kind of an ombre effect) with the purple dye that wasn't mixed with conditioner. I still didn't want it to be as bright as it showed on the box so I left it for about 3-5 mins until I rinsed it out. It had gone a really pretty purpley- pink shade which I then ended up dying my whole hair with a couple of times. ( it was washout dye)

I really loved being this vibrant colour but during the lead up to my birthday in October, I started to wish I could have my brown hair back for it. I ended up getting some dye as an early birthday present and dying it over the pink shade back to brown (I used the Permanent Live Colour one in 'Urban Brown') At the time, I thought It was the most similar colour to my natural hair which, as my roots grew out I realised was SO wrong, but

anyway. It went an auburney toned brown, which I think is due to the fact that my hair was pink when I put the dye on it. My mum loved this colour and said it was her favourite. Although it was permanent, I had noticed the colour wear away into a more caramel colour ( I really liked it so it was all good)

My end goal of dying my hair all of these colours was to eventually dye it black and be done with all the chemicals, but upon looking at old photos of me the other week, I was left craving my natural dark brown to be with me once more. I went to my local shop and purchased the Live Colour permanent shade in 'Bitter Sweet Chocolate' which I then proceeded to dye my hair with. I did put a bit on my skin for a patch test, but I was too impatient and ended up dying it anyway (I figured if I wasn't allergic to all the other live colour products I had used, I was sure I'd be okay with this one)

After dying my hair back to this colour last week, I am honestly in love with it. It is a little bit darker than the brown that naturally grows out of my head but I think I love it even more. I guess this will be the end of my hair dying journey as of right now, because I'm not going to ruin the condition of my hair anymore (until it's grown out in a few years time lol) Throughout all of this, though, I have actually loved the experience and it was fun getting to be so many different colours.

Comment below what colours you've dyed your hair and what was your favourite, I'd love to know

Mia X


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