It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Whenever I tell people this they seem to think it's because I like getting presents. I'm not going to deny that, because most people love receiving a gift every now and again, but it's also so much more than that. I love the build up to Christmas; the music, the pretty lights, finally getting to put your tree up after begging your mum since the second Halloween was over. I also love Christmas morning; waking up at an ungodly hour in your over- the- top Santa PJ's even though you stopped believing well over ten years ago. Even, I, as an avid Christmas lover, must admit that it has lost a lot of it's magic since I was younger, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying my day any less than I would have when I was little- actually I love it more now.

Another aspect of Christmas which is often overlooked by others as a bit of a chore is buying gifts for other people. I don't buy my family members gifts so I can look like a good person, it's because I love shopping for other people. I don't know what is is about scanning shelves and racks for the perfect present that I like, but it always gives me a positive buzz of happiness- whether I've bought the person a winning lottery ticket or a keyring.

Now that the final month of the year has finally crept up on us once again, almost everyone seems to be getting into the spirit. (except Scrooge, of course) Meaning that everywhere you go lights decorate the trees, shops are playing Whams 'Last Christmas' on repeat and each person you see shuffling their way through the shops with bags stuffed full of gifts in the pouring snow has one thing on their mind: the 25th of December.

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