How To Feel Like Blair Waldorf

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, this Just in, Queen B is spotted approaching the steps of the Met to find someone dressed exactly like her in her space, good luck worming your way out of that one wannabe, xoxo gossip girl.


Joking aside, please enjoy this gossip girl inspired post.

When watching the series for the first time I thought "oh, it's fine I have another two years until I'm 16 and get to be that grown up and cool." Well now I'm 17 and I'm still waiting for the upper east side to come for me. (spoiler alert; it won't) I still like to have myself a pamper evening on occasion, because although I'll never be Blair Waldorf, it doesn't mean I can't want to feel like a princess now and again.

Princess rules:

Run yourself a nice bubble bath. Being a shower person, this is something I don't do often enough but on a relaxation hour, a bath is more favourable, obviously.

When you're ready to get out, line up an assortment of skin care and face masks. It's okay if this isn't really your thing; just skip this step. All I usually do for skin care is moisturize so having a set skin care routine every once in a while just makes me feel extra pampered. Having said that, I do love the occasional face mask too, find one to suit your skin type and skincare needs and you'll be good to go. Don't just stop at moisturizing your face though, because your arms and legs will miss out. Grab your favourite body butter and use that as well.

Get yourself some silk pajamas. They don't have to be expensive, some from Primark will do, but I always feel more luxurious (is that even a feeling) when wearing some more pricy clothing. This is essential if you want to feel really cosy but also glamorous at the same time.

Although I don't remember ever seeing Blair wearing a faux fur coat in the show, whenever I wear one I always feel really dolled up and glam. I love the look of pairing them with a simple skirt and heeled boots combo. Is there any better way to feel like a queen? Also in terms of outfit, something she does is wear bags more like they're accessories. I know a lot of people do this, but I'm someone who just shoves a random scruffy backpack over my shoulder and doesn't bother to check if it goes with my outfit. Fashion queen B definitely goes the extra mile by using statement bags for a pop of colour in her looks. I don't think I ever saw her with the same one twice.

Makeup: When it comes to makeup, Blair knows me best. I'm not very good at makeup so I tend to stick to natural looks as I'd rather have an alright looking face of makeup than a cakey mess. (which is what I usually end up with when I try to do a lot of makeup) Natural mascara is key here. Try to find one which separates your lashes and gives them lots of definition as well as length. My favourite ones for this are the French connection (by boots) one and Maybeline The Rocket mascara. Queen B is always sporting some kind of glossy lip too- I like clear lipgloss for this (any will do)

This next step is definitely more for Blair than if you just want to feel pampered. Wear a headband. It might be something you haven't done since you were 7 years old in Primary school but Blair is almost always sporting a cute and simple band in her hair.


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