Where to buy vintage fashion

It can be really difficult trying to find nice and affordable vintage fashion, especially when there seem to be no good shops to buy it from. Hopefully this post will help in some way.

1- Rokit

With shops all around London, Rokit is one of the most well known vintage shops from around the area. While it's items are fairly pricey for what they are, if you scan the racks and shelves enough, there is almost always something worth buying from there.

It has become one of my favourite places to look around while in London, whether I'm buying something or not.


A great place for vintage fashion if you prefer to shop online, is ASOS. They have a large variety of items from their 'Reclaimed Vintage' section which show a whole selection of vintage inspired pieces as well as clothing that is actually vintage. This is great if you prefer clothes that are completely brand new that didn't belong to someone else but still have a vintage feel to them.

3- Apps

Apps like Depop, eBay and Vinted offer a massive platform for you to buy and sell clothes and products you no longer want. Because of this feature, a lot of vintage fashion is passed around on them. It is an amazing way to find hundreds of people who are selling exactly what you are looking for. The best thing is that the items for sale on apps like this are usually very affordable.

4- Charity shops

If all else fails, Charity shops have your back. It can be hard to find items in them when you want something very specific, but if you know what labels are good, finding vintage clothing is less of a challenge. They are scattered down almost every street too, so searching through many charity shops in one shopping trip is manageable if London's vintage stores are too far away. To charity shop effectively, it is more useful to go with an open mind and not be thinking of one specific thing you want, because they most likely won't have it. Search through every rack as they are usually packed full and you could be missing out on something that you potentially could buy and fall in love with.

5- Brick Lane

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a vintage market is held at Brick Lane, it contains racks and racks of unique vintage clothing, with different shops to browse through too.

It is a popular location to get vintage clothing from because of how much of it is there. The shops are individual companies that specialise in vintage clothing so you can ensure that what you are buying is good quality and most importantly; actually vintage.


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